Monday, April 14, 2014

While Im Out...

Hey all, I apologize for being a bit sketchy lately. I haven't had time to answer emails, blog comments or IG questions- orrrrrr maybe this blog isn't as cool as I think and y'all haven't even noticed. :)

Regardless, we moved this past weekend and while I am so happy to be in the house and slightly settled there is LOADS more work to be done. I am headed to LA this afternoon for work this week so no home stuff will be checked of the "to-do" list until the weekend! 

I am hoping after this week I can return to a somewhat normal schedule and get back to you all and this blog since y'all are so important to me!

For now, today I am guest posting on Remington's blog HERE. Make sure to check it out! Ill be sharing more from these looks later this week! :)

Have a good day you guys and thanks for reading!

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  1. I feel like this is a pretty common theme with a lot of bloggers right now—the beginning of the year has been killer! Best of luck with your move & to-do list :)

    Blonde in this City

  2. No worries! We all know you have a real life too!

  3. I feel your pain and stress. girl! I moved two weeks ago and then three days after the move, I left to LA for LuckyFABB. It's so difficult to focus on blogging and all the other stuff too. Enjoy organizing your new house and your trip to LA.

  4. good luck with your move! don't stress!

  5. I know how that is! Have fun lovely and try not too stress too much :)


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