Wednesday, April 16, 2014


::Top and skirt c/o Ellie Clothing  (similar here, here, here and here), Hat Old Navy (similar here and here), jean Jacket (here), Necklace (gifted), Bag Michael Kors (love pink), Shoes c/o Lulus, rings c/o Galsify, David Yurman, etc, sunnies Kate Spade::

I have been wanting to try a crop top for awhile now, but I have to admit I wouldn't really consider myself in crop top shape. When Ellie Clothing sent me this top and skirt, I was in love- but still a little hesitant. I just had to find the right way to wear it. I think everyone can jump on this trend, but you have to find how it works for you. 

A few tips to wearing crop tops are below:

1. Pair them with a higher waisted jean or skirt. I folded this skirt over less than I typically would to prevent my midriff from showing too much. It made me feel much more covered and I still felt like I was rocking the trend and staying true to myself. 

2. Pair it will a tank underneath. There is nothing wrong with layering a basic tank of black or white under the top. Or, better yet, a cropped tee shirt or sweater over a tank or blouse. 

3. Layer over it. You can see I also did that with this look. Try layering a jacket or light sweater over the crop top so you feel more covered but are still exposing the front of the top. 

Have you sported a crop top this season? Would you wear one with the tips above?

Thanks for reading as always! I am still in LA and haven't had a chance to explore yet, but Im hoping to get some exploring in!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Welcome to Hollywood

 ::Top Gap (here and similar here), Pants Guess c/o (similar here or here), Jacket Gap (old, similar here), Bracelets David Yurman, Coach, Bip and Bop c/o, Bag J.Crew (old, a very nautical one here and similar here), Pearls (thrifted at antique store)::

As I write this, I am currently sitting in my hotel room in LA. I should be more excited to experience a new city, but it's 1:49a my time, so my excitement is a little delayed. I had this grand scheme to get this post done on the plane, but with the internet not working and reading Labor Day (so good, now I need to see the movie), it didn't happen. Oh well, Im here now!

Yesterday I mentioned how I was featured on Remington's blog here wearing this outfit. A little nautical/stripe action for y'all! Ill be back again in about a month on their blog featuring another theme. :)

Sadly, I don't think Ill be able to see to much of this city since Im here for work and my days are consisting of meetings and tours, but hopefully Ill be able to squeeze in a little fun and tourist action (i.e. Hollywood sign). On the drive to my hotel from the airport, I just kept thinking of Pretty Woman and that man shouting "Welcome to Hollywood, what's your dream?!" One of my fav. movies EVER.

Do you love Pretty Woman too? Have you seen Labor Day the movie? Now Im dying to know if it's good!

Thank you for reading this little space, I appreciate you all SO much!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

While Im Out...

Hey all, I apologize for being a bit sketchy lately. I haven't had time to answer emails, blog comments or IG questions- orrrrrr maybe this blog isn't as cool as I think and y'all haven't even noticed. :)

Regardless, we moved this past weekend and while I am so happy to be in the house and slightly settled there is LOADS more work to be done. I am headed to LA this afternoon for work this week so no home stuff will be checked of the "to-do" list until the weekend! 

I am hoping after this week I can return to a somewhat normal schedule and get back to you all and this blog since y'all are so important to me!

For now, today I am guest posting on Remington's blog HERE. Make sure to check it out! Ill be sharing more from these looks later this week! :)

Have a good day you guys and thanks for reading!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

iPhone lately

1. Exploring Durham and the Historic Tobacco district / 2. The most AMAZING sweet potato corn bread! / 3. Pearls and Pink (on Instagram) / 4. The most adorable little cafe and sweet shop / 5. Me+You= Blogs and Comments card I picked up for my husband (and an Instagram photo) / 6. A fun little Craigslist find I repainted / 7. Amazing brisket brunch / 8. A new coat of paint in the new living room! / 9. Duke Chapel in gorgeous light / 10. My bff's from high school and moi 

Another phone dump for you this glorious Friday morning! Make sure to follow my newly cracked iPhone screen and I around on Instagram @amy_cbandbp!

Have a great weekend y'all!

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Thursday, April 10, 2014


::Top J.Crew (here), Shoes Steve Madden (here), Necklace c/o similar (here), Jeans 7FAM (similar here and here), Bag Marc Jacobs (similar here), Sunglasses Kate Spade (similar here)::

Last night as I was getting out of my car, I dropped my phone and the screen cracked in one million pieces. My husband’s response “you can still Instagram, don’t worry.” Not the point my dear……..sometimes guys just don’t get it!

Im keeping it short and sweet today, but I can’t get enough color lately. From yesterdays post here to this bright pink tunic, I am feeling pinkish lately. I may or may not have even painted a room in our new place a simple pink…more details to come on that one later!

Like that last "selfie" shot my friend Jocey too :)

Make sure to follow my posts along on Instagram as well @amy_cbandbp

Have a great day and thank you for reading!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Paint. Paint. Paint.

::Dress Gap (here), Shoes Target (old, similar here), Necklace c/o Derng (here and similar here), Bracelets David Yurman, J.Crew, Coach, Macys, Chambray J.Crew (similar here and here), Sunglasses Loft (similar here)::

This past weekend, my two best friends from high school were in town. I have known them forever and although we don’t see each other often, whenever we are together, it’s just like I saw them yesterday. Those friendships are the best, don’t ya think? I was so sad to see them go on Sunday, but they were also a huge help to me with outfits photos while Aaron worked all weekend, I love ya ladies!

On another note, Aaron and I stayed up late painting our new bedroom and master bath last night. Lots of rooms down, three to go! He asked me last night if we should have hired a painter for the rooms like we did for other areas of the house. It made me think: we are saving money, but we’re not saving time that’s for sure. But, with the windows open and the tunes on the radio turned up, it also makes me realize that later in life when we probably will have the money to hire help for painting, it will be these nights just the two of us that we remember, saying “remember when we bought our first house and we were broke and it was a labor of love?” Somehow I feel like these will be fond memories one day. One day. 

p.s. I am in love with this GAP dress that on major sale right now. Dress up or down and SO comfy!
Have a great day and thanks for reading! xoxox
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Thinkin' and a Kate Spade Giveaway

This week my posts may be a little scattered, so I apologize in advance. Aaron and I are actually moving out of our loft this Saturday to move into a house. The real kicker.. it’s a house we own! We bought a house and closed a couple of weeks ago on my birthday. We have a lot of painting to do which has consumed my evenings, but it’s nice to see it taking shape and transforming into something we actually love! It’s an older home with a lot of work needed to be done, so I’m excited to share my decorating/painting/home d├ęcor posts here with y’all!

I should have an outfit post for y’all tomorrow, but for now, I’m dreaming of shopping for fun spring dresses of all gorgeous colors. Choies is not only a great one stop shop for all clothing needs, but the prices are amazing too! How adorable is this Valentino look-a-like? When we were little we always got a new dress for the Easter holiday and although we don’t have plans this coming Easter, I still feel the need to keep the tradition alive. J

I’ve put together some of my favorites below.

Today I am teaming up with 31 other fabulous bloggers to bring you a $550 Kate Spade giveaway. Yep, you heard that right. $550 split between two very lucky winners, to use at any Kate Spade online store. The great thing about Kate Spade, is that it's not only a great place to shop for your every day fashionista, but also for all you mommies out there. They have diaper bags ladies! 

Here are the Rules: 

Rule 1: Giveaway will run for one week and the winner will be announced on Friday the 18th.

Rule 2: The winner's entries will be verified. 

Rule 3: Open internationally.

First Prize: $300 Credit to Kate Spade
Second Prize: $250 Credit to Kate Spade 

Please see Rafflecopter below to enter. :)

Your Host

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