Friday, March 6, 2015

Legging Substitute

Maybe Im a little late on the Aztec Sweater thing, but I don't care. I'm currently loving this Kiki La Rue Aztec sweater, and I am also digging the colors and price point of this one. While I'm constantly trying to stretch outside my box and shy away from only buying neutrals, I can't deny the perfection of a good black and cream sweater. 

 Aztec Cardigan c/o Kiki La Rue, also love this one / Bag (on sale) / Boots / Necklace Madewell BaubleBar / Tee (obsessed with these) / Leggings /  Sunglasses / Watch

I picked this bag up last week and had such a hard time deciding between the cognac and this pinkish color. The sales person convinced me to get cognac, but now I'm wondering, did I make the wrong choice?! Also, I have determined that some of my new favorite leggings are athletic wear. I feel more "tucked in" in them and obviously I love how they don't stretch out throughout the day! If you are super thin and tall, this probably isn't a problem you experience, but for the short and curvy, I appreciate a little less stretch and some tucky-in-ness! :)

PS this necklace is my favorite everyday piece and it's currently on sale for only $15.00 from BaubleBar!

I hope y'all have a great weekend, our friend is in town from Chicago so I am sure we will keep busy! Enjoy it friends!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Desk Updates with Dell

Today I wanted to update you on some desk changes I've made as well as introduce you to the new Intel Dell XPS. Dell really hit the mark with this lightweight, 11 inch laptop that rivals the MAC Book Air. Oh, and it's got the new Windows Operating System which means it's touch screen! <squeal>. We all know first impressions are huge and this laptop really nailed it out of the box. I don't know why, but I was expecting something bulky- but it was sleek and extremely quick to boot thanks to its Intel® Rapid Start Technology. 

I've always used a Mac Book Pro which I purchased in Graduate school. Over the past few years, it's getting slightly dated and slow, so while I consider myself a Mac girl, I was surprised how much I loved the Dell XPS right out of the <adorable>. For one, the battery life is amazing running for 11 hours without needing a recharge. This point alone is a huge plus for me, considering I am always dragging my laptop around the house to blog.

Similar Pineapples (love these) / Cork Board / Phone Case / Ring Dish - DIY here  / Banket / Pen / Notepad / Candles MY FAV / Dell Laptop c/o / Desk / Chair (thrifted) / Pillow c/o 

Outfit details Jeans / Sweater (old, similar) / Drivers (similar) / Earrings

I plan to update you again as I continue to use it's features and compare it to our Mac Products and my Toshiba work computer. I have a feeling it's going to hold up really well. Aaron and I work a lot together at our dining room table and it's funny to compare what our machines can or can not do since he has a Mac Book Air. In all honesty though, I've found 7/10 times, I actually have more features than he does....hello touch screen!

Lastly, Can we talk about how adorable these Lara Casey notepads are? I feel so empowered while writing on them! haha But here is a true story- these adorable note pads showed up for me one day. I have no idea if they were a gift from a friend, from the store, or if maybe I purchased them after too much wine one night? Regardless, I love them and they are the perfect size for note taking, list making or documenting to my husband the awesome things my PC can do that his Mac can't. :0) I have linked desk resources above and below, but if you see anything you're curious about, please ask! I just wanted to share some of the little updates I've made lately to make this space feel more fun-  I mean, who doesn't love a brass mini pineapple?!

p.s. you can view an old tour of my office here

Thanks for reading friends!

 I received the new Dell XPS 13 with 5th Generation Intel Core Processor, along with other accessories to review. All opinions are mine.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Love and Honor

This outfit needed something. I thought a big cute floppy hat at first, but then from the corner of my eye, I spotted my Miami baseball hat. Miami of Ohio is where I met some of my best friends and my husband, so to say undergrad has a sweet spot in my heart is an understatement! I don't wear this hat super often, but when I do- I feel such a love for our University that I can hardly stand it. I know that's cheesy, but I spent four amazing years there- I wish I could go back! Love and Honor Miami! <end rant>


Heels / Jeans / Bag (similar, great price option here) / Scarf (similar and over sized LOVE) / Sweater (similar, mine is old) / Hat (similar) / Watch / MAC Ruby Woo

I broke out the white denim for this look and was reminded how much I love wearing it year round. How adorable is this pair and the  perfect price point as well? Also, I've worn this sweater a ton lately, and while I can't find it online any longer, this one is very similar in structure. An over sized black sweater is a must and so versatile- I think big sweaters even look cute with shorts in the summer!

Have a great hump day friends! I so appreciate you stopping by!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


On Sunday night, Aaron and I watched Fury (sad, have you seen it?). Since we got in on RedBox, I typically blog while we watch TV. I had this post lined up, and hit publish. I closed the browser only to go back in and it not be there. Awesome. So, with that said, I did not re-write it and here I am tonight feeling like I'm having deja vu, feeling, well.... a little frustrated. 

Shoes c/o Off Broadway Shoes (also here) / Sunglasses / Leggings / Bag (similar and more affordable option) / Scarf / Cardigan / Tunic Dress c/o ShopRiffRaff / Lipstick MAC Ruby Woo / Coat Prada old, but similar here

I have been on the hunt at Nordstrom for a good pair of leather look leggings. I finally found these. I almost bought these, but because I hate my legs and don't wear leggings often, I didn't think I'd get my moneys worth. How gorgeous are those tan ones though?! Swoon!

Have a great day, I just want to say I appreciate y'all reading so much! You're amazing!

p.s. If you haven't checked out Off Broadway Shoes, I suggest you do so! It's almost spring, treat yo self!

Friday, February 27, 2015

My Simple Beauty Tool

Y'all, I'm married to a physician, so the old school use of a Q-tip cleaning your ear only brings lectures to our home, but what my husband doesn't understand is- I don't keep them in our house for that reason. I keep them in our house because they are my secret, inexpensive beauty tools with a perfectly tapered tip that makes any type of makeup application easy as pie. And I don't have to buy 30 different $60.00+ makeup brushes either. Have you tried the Q-Tips Precision Tips? Besides using them on my ears (shhh, don't tell my husband), I ALWAYS have a cup full on our vanity because I use them literally every single day for beauty application, and today I wanted to share some of my fav. beauty quickies with you! 

#1. The perfect manicure - 100%

I stink at painting my nails, so when I don't have time to get a manicure, or Im trying to make my manicure last longer, Ill paint my nails or paint over what's there. The Q-Tips Precision Tips are awesome for cleaning up around the nail bed because of the tapered edge that offers a precise detailed convenience. Just dip in nail polish remover and voila, perfect nails in a minute!

#2. The perfect winged eyeliner. 

Since finding this eyeliner a few months ago, I have to admit, my cleanup has definitely decreased. However, between eyeliner and mascara, I still usually need a little help. And it's so easy to dip in a little eye makeup remover and dab away the errors. 

#3. The Perfect smudging

Speaking of Q-Tip Precision Tips and the eyes, we can't forget them as smudging tools! I use them to blend my bottom eyeliner a bit so it doesn't looks too perfect. I agree with Jenna Lyons, that everything should be a little messy and not perfect. Besides, who wants their eyeliner looking like a permanent marker drew it on? Not me. Blend, Blend, Blend. 

#4. The Perfect lip

Lastly, I know y'all watched the Oscars, and can we discuss the most perfect lips? I use my Q-Tip Precisions to line my lips with a littler pressed powder which prevents bleeding of the liner and lipstick. I usually have a few stuffed in my bag with powder for some easy on the go application. This trick is amazing because while lip liner truly prevents the bleed, it's never 100%. I find that lining the lip with a little translucent powder really does the trick and creates that perfect Hollywood Glam!

Kisses for Bella! Oh, and this adorable polka dot sweater is on sale now and from Sorellas Elite Fashion, make sure to check them out on Instagram! They are getting in their spring items and I am just swooning!

I've also used these little gems to clean jewelry and more. For such a low price and so many functions, it's a wonder more women don't use them daily. Anyway, that's my beauty secret, what's yours? For other ways to use Precision Q-Tips, visit their Pinterest page. 

I truly do use Q-Tips Precision Tips in my daily routine. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Consignment Conundrum

Way back when, I bought this dress on major clearance from H&M. I think I paid like $12.00 for it. I styled it here, but honestly, that's the only time I ever wore it. It was just about to go into the consignment pile, until pulled it out on a freezing day a few weeks back. I had forgotten about the pictures until the other day when I was again debating on putting the dress back in the consign pile. Thoughts? Yes or no? For 12.00, I wouldn't be sad I only got two wears out of it. 



Dress (similar and love this one) / Boots / Vest / Bag / Watch / Rings c/o Prismera / Necklace c/o Bip & Bop / Sunglasses /  Hat

I must admit, while I'm ready for the cold and ice/snow to go away, I will be sad to put my beanies away. I love them- Ill have to find some ways to incorporate them into my spring wardrobe!

Also, I've been consigning with Twice online and I love their services. Just in case anyone is curious!

Have a great one! We are supposed to get a ton of snow today, so we shall see! Stay warm!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Back in my "cool" days, I honestly would shy away from anything pink. It's not that I hated the color, it's just that I didn't want to be labeled girly or a ditz for wearing it/decorating with it. As I've gotten older, I've actually become really fond of the color and also what it stands for- because it's okay to be girly and it's also okay to wear all black without looking goth. In fact, I love wearing both colors now and a room in our house, my office which you can view here, is painted a light blush color. This trench is pretty amazing for the price, not going to lie. Also, this Chanel Boy Bag look alike might need to get in my closet as of yesterday. See, total pink/blush/fuchsia convert...well, maybe not fuchsia- Im more of a light pink lady. 

Are you a pink fan? What one color could you care less if you ever wore or decorated with? I still say I am not an orange fan. The fruit- yes. The color- no. 

Thanks for reading!


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