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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Minty + a Denim Giveaway

::Tank Anthropologie (here), jeans Jordache c/o (similar here), Shoes Marshalls (similar here), Clutch c/o Hobo (similar here and here), rings Galisfy c/o, Bip and Bop c/o, David Yurman, Phone case c/o Kidogo Kidogo (here)::

I wouldn't consider myself a denim snob- I wear what fits, not what the tag says, but I will admit that I would have not tried Jordache jeans if I wouldn't have been sent a pair for review. Now, what I will tell you is how wrong I was. For about $20.00 and on sale at Walmart, I actually really liked these jeans. I typically shy away from anything too stretchy because I have bigger thighs, but these are fantastic. They fit like a glove, were true to size and I actually felt like they were flattering. Although I love a good pair of designer jeans, I also really like these and also knowing that I can be a little more rough on them knowing I didn't pay $200.00 for them (which I am sometime guilty of). Today, Jordache is giving away a pair of denim to one lucky winner- what do you have to lose by giving a new type of denim a try?

Enter with the Rafflecopter below. 

p.s. Can we also talk about this adorable iphone case? The company, Kidogo Kidogo is much like TOMS and provides a one to one type program for women in Tanzania who need access to phones or phones minutes. You buy a case, they get a phone or access to one. It';s great, they cases are cute and everyone wins! :)
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Roasted Pancetta & Balsamic Brussel Sprouts

Before moving to Durham, Aaron and I never ate brussel sprouts- then one day at the farmer's market I decided to grab a bunch. Since, we have both become huge fans and I dare say they are probably one of my favorite veggies. Although I will eat them boiled, I prefer them baked or pan roasted. For Easter this past Sunday we have dinner with friends and I tried this recipe. I used regular balsamic (nothing fancy) and I thought they turned out amazing- plus SO easy. We also added parm cheese at the end for a little addition! Everyone loved them and I will definitely be making them again (and soon!). 


Are you a fan of brussels sprouts?

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Busy Bee

 :Floral cardigan c/o Foi Boutique (similar here and here), Jeans c/o Guess (similar here and here), Necklace (old, similar here and here) & c/o Gosia Meyer, Shoes Jessica Simpson (here and similar here ), Lips Candy Yum Yum, Blue tank (Nordstrom (similar here and here)::

I have always admired kimono type tops from afar, but I’ve never taken the plunge and purchased one. When Foi Boutique sent this floral one over, I was in love. Bright colors, comfort and versatility all rolled into one if definitely something I have been looking for in items lately and this one couldn’t be more of those things. Plus, the whole store is filled with adorable items for spring which is also a plus.

I am keeping things short and sweet since I'm writing this pretty late. I apologize for being a little MIA lately with my work trip and our move, but I am hoping things will calm down late this week! Thank you all so much for reading!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Crop it Like it's Hot

1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. / 7. / 8. / 9.

Yesterday I talked about crop tops and offered some tips for wearing them (here). Today, I wanted to share some adorable (and inexpensive) tops that I'm loving. I never splurge on trends, I prefer spending $$ on classic items I know Ill keep forever, therefore, when Im wearing some trendy such as a crop, I prefer to spend less than $50.00 and then I don't feel so guilty if I only wear it for a season. Make sense? I;ve also linked up a few additional below. 

What do you splurge on vs. save on? Are you the same? 

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


::Top and skirt c/o Ellie Clothing  (similar here, here, here and here), Hat Old Navy (similar here and here), jean Jacket (here), Necklace (gifted), Bag Michael Kors (love pink), Shoes c/o Lulus, rings c/o Galsify, David Yurman, etc, sunnies Kate Spade::

I have been wanting to try a crop top for awhile now, but I have to admit I wouldn't really consider myself in crop top shape. When Ellie Clothing sent me this top and skirt, I was in love- but still a little hesitant. I just had to find the right way to wear it. I think everyone can jump on this trend, but you have to find how it works for you. 

A few tips to wearing crop tops are below:

1. Pair them with a higher waisted jean or skirt. I folded this skirt over less than I typically would to prevent my midriff from showing too much. It made me feel much more covered and I still felt like I was rocking the trend and staying true to myself. 

2. Pair it will a tank underneath. There is nothing wrong with layering a basic tank of black or white under the top. Or, better yet, a cropped tee shirt or sweater over a tank or blouse. 

3. Layer over it. You can see I also did that with this look. Try layering a jacket or light sweater over the crop top so you feel more covered but are still exposing the front of the top. 

Have you sported a crop top this season? Would you wear one with the tips above?

Thanks for reading as always! I am still in LA and haven't had a chance to explore yet, but Im hoping to get some exploring in!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Welcome to Hollywood

 ::Top Gap (here and similar here), Pants Guess c/o (similar here or here), Jacket Gap (old, similar here), Bracelets David Yurman, Coach, Bip and Bop c/o, Bag J.Crew (old, a very nautical one here and similar here), Pearls (thrifted at antique store)::

As I write this, I am currently sitting in my hotel room in LA. I should be more excited to experience a new city, but it's 1:49a my time, so my excitement is a little delayed. I had this grand scheme to get this post done on the plane, but with the internet not working and reading Labor Day (so good, now I need to see the movie), it didn't happen. Oh well, Im here now!

Yesterday I mentioned how I was featured on Remington's blog here wearing this outfit. A little nautical/stripe action for y'all! Ill be back again in about a month on their blog featuring another theme. :)

Sadly, I don't think Ill be able to see to much of this city since Im here for work and my days are consisting of meetings and tours, but hopefully Ill be able to squeeze in a little fun and tourist action (i.e. Hollywood sign). On the drive to my hotel from the airport, I just kept thinking of Pretty Woman and that man shouting "Welcome to Hollywood, what's your dream?!" One of my fav. movies EVER.

Do you love Pretty Woman too? Have you seen Labor Day the movie? Now Im dying to know if it's good!

Thank you for reading this little space, I appreciate you all SO much!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

While Im Out...

Hey all, I apologize for being a bit sketchy lately. I haven't had time to answer emails, blog comments or IG questions- orrrrrr maybe this blog isn't as cool as I think and y'all haven't even noticed. :)

Regardless, we moved this past weekend and while I am so happy to be in the house and slightly settled there is LOADS more work to be done. I am headed to LA this afternoon for work this week so no home stuff will be checked of the "to-do" list until the weekend! 

I am hoping after this week I can return to a somewhat normal schedule and get back to you all and this blog since y'all are so important to me!

For now, today I am guest posting on Remington's blog HERE. Make sure to check it out! Ill be sharing more from these looks later this week! :)

Have a good day you guys and thanks for reading!

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