Friday, January 30, 2015

Simple Chambray

 Right before Christmas, my sister informed me she didn't own a chambray shirt. STOP, hold up, what? I made sure my mother remedied that problem quickly and Aaron also got one from Santa, though he has yet to wear it, so there's that.... I keep telling him it's "in" but he must not think Im stylish or something...



:: Chambray / Jeans / Sunglasses similar / Coat similar / Bag / Watch / Bracelet / Boots, old Shoemint / Belt similar / Ring::

On another note, you know what's hard? Thinking of blog post titles. I may just start calling them "Post 1, Post 2," etc. 

In all seriousness though, there isn't anything special about this look, but that's the point of this blog right- to show y'all how to wear things, what I wear, etc. I love looks like this- not a ton of bells and whistles, but perfect for running errands, grabbing a quick lunch with a girlfriend at a neighborhood taco place, etc. Right? If not tell me because I'd love to know if you like looks like this or hate 'em. I aim to please! :) 

Any fun plans? My girlfriend is having a blind wine and cheese party and Im pumped. I love wine. I love cheese- perfect combo!

Happy weekend!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Insta Lately

::Staying warm in Ohio with this adorable sweater::

::A comfortable and polished look::
 ::Beanie  / Pants similar / Blouse::

 ::Gorgeous white roses that bloomed to their full potential::

::Looking forward to styling these 11th Thread vegan leather shorts::

::Never disappointed by Trader Joe's selection of flowers::

::Mixing pieces that make a new fav look::
::Skirt / Shoes / Sweatshirt similar / Bag::
 ::Always wishin' it were the weekend::

 ::Lady like in plaid::

 ::The perfect "meal" for a Saturday date with Aaron::

Stoppin' for a mid day coffee break
 ::Blouse / Vest / Boots / Jeans::

 ::Green smoothies for a healthy start to the day::

Hey all, almost Friday, woot woot! I haven't done an IG roundup in awhile, so I thought I'd share some of my fav shots from the last week or two with ya! My husband and I have been on a green smoothie kick in the mornings, but Im wondering what else we can do to mix it up! I'd love to hear your combos below!

I would love for ya to following along ( @amy_cbandbp ), and I always love finding new beautiful accounts to follow so make sure you let me know you're new to my page so I can come check your account out too!

Have a blessed one!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Valentines: for Him (with J.J. Threads)

Valentines Day isn't a huge holiday in our household, we celebrate, but not full blow or anything. My husband usually brings me flowers and we go to a nice dinner. And while we don't spend oodles of money on each other for the Hallmark Holiday (as he calls is), I usually get him something on the smaller side but still fun or thoughtful. I mean, what guy doesn't want floral boxers (which I love BTW) or this mug which he's getting for sure.

One of my go to gifts for him is usually a nice dress shirt of some kind. I usually hit up on of his favorite spots, but this year  J.J. Threads won my heart (get it). Have you heard of this site? It's AMAZING and so perfect for those men in your life that love a good button down. The site is 100% completely customized, with hundreds, if not thousands, of options for designing the perfect shirt for your man.  

Since I wanted to write this post before Valentine's (to let y'all know what a perfect gift it is)- I actually let Aaron help with his J.J.Threads shirt design. You start with a completely blank canvas and go through every step of the design process up until even picking what kind of buttons you want. We have so much fun and yet such a HARD time deciding what fabric combinations to choose. 

If you feel like you're not creative enough, you can also shop user designs that have been pre-made. I picked some of my favorite designs for the collage above, aren't they fun and unique? 

Everyday Aaron asks me about the status of his shirt. The design process can take as long or as little as you want, but once you place your order it can take 10-14 business days for processing, so make sure you go to J.J.Threads right this very instant and get customizing!

Thanks for reading y'all!

*Thank you to J.J.Threads for sponsoring this post. However, all opinions are my own and my husbands. We had so much fun designing his shirt and can't wait to see it!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Orange the New Black?

 I've talked about my dislike of the color orange in the past, especially in this post- but for some reason, this orange coat doesn't bother me. Maybe it's because it's a deeper almost burnt color, or maybe it's simply because it's warm, but regardless, it's one of my favorite coats. I love how it only buttons at the top, so it's comfy and not too constricting. So there ya go, never shy away from a color completely, you don't know when the perfect piece is waiting for you to snatch it up in your least fav. color. Now the OITNB the show- I may have to jump on that gravy train- I've heard hilarious things- do you watch?

::Sweater / Coat (Rena Lange, similar option here on sale) / Boots / Beanie similar / Leggings / Watch / Ring David Yurman, Prismera::

I really do love these Sam Edelman boots- if you're looking to wrap up the colder months with a boot purchase but not spend a fortune, I recommend these babes. They are comfortable and slightly higher than a normal riding boot which I love. Additionally, this Chic Wish sweater is on sale, and I am also a fan in case you're wondering. 

It's one of those days where I just want to eat one million fun sized candy bars and sit in my PJs and watch Sex and the City- or take a nap, naps are always good. 

I hope y'all get to nap today. Thanks as usual for reading! xoxo

Monday, January 26, 2015


Guys, I have a confession. I have always liked these type of lace ups shoes from a distance, but before this pair, I had never tried them on. I thought they were a pain- not due to comfort, but because they must be a pain to put on. However, once I got these shoes from Off Broadway, I realized they zip up the back. #oops. And of course, now Im in love. 

I also can't deny my love for a good leather looking midi skirt. I love all of the ones floating around on Pinterest (btw, follow me here) and so, I had to add one to my collection. Such a perfect staple piece!

::Floral sweatshirt J.Crew (similar here and loving this gray print one) / Skirt, and how FAB is this one? / Shoes / Bag / Earrings Lisi Lerch / Watch / Beanie / Sunglasses::

On a less stupid note (please don't judge my dumb thoughts)- how was everyone's weekend? Aaron and I  mostly just lounged and I'm not complaining. As I get older, I love weekends like that. 

Do you prefer having your weekends busy or low key? In a perfect world, we would have a perfect mixture! Which we strive for!

Happy Monday friends!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Rosemary Feta Spread

I almost feel silly sharing this recipe with y'all because it's so easy. But, sometimes that's what life needs right? An easy day, an easy project and sometimes, even an easy recipe. We were supposed to grab an appetizer to take to a friends for dinner the other night and I remember this as something I had had at a friend's awhile ago. A few ingredients later, I was chopping fresh feta. 

Here is what you need:
  • Bread or crackers. I used a wheat Baguette. 
  • Rosemary
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
  • one block of feta, or pre-crumbled package of feta
  • Pepper
  1. Cut bread into thin slices using bread knife. Layout on baking sheet and toast at 350 degree for 10 minutes or until golden brown. 
  2. Cut feta into chunks or strips. I used a block because I find that this form is more moist, however, if you're short on time, pre-crumbled would be quicker. 
  3. Chop rosemary leaves (I used about 2 tbls)
  4. Place chopped feta, rosemary, pepper to taste and juice from one lemon and drizzle of EVOO into bowl. Stir until blended. 
  5. Serve with warm bread. 
It was a hit, we ate it all and everyone was amazed how simple yet delicious it was!

Anything with cheese is a win in my book, and I am wondering how this would pair with goat cheese next time? Thoughts?

Do you have any five minute appetizers? I'd love to hear them!

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Today I've teamed up with DSW to bring you this blog post. All thoughts and opinions about DSW are 100% my own.  

On Monday my office wasn't closed for MLK, but I ended up taking the day off work since Aaron had the day off from the hospital. It was so weird hanging out on a weekday- it never happens unless a big holiday is near. It was such a beautiful day outside and it made us remember why we decided to make NC home almost two years ago. We've been really happy here and the weather is a reminder of that. 

::Top Anthropologie (old, but love this one)/ Cardigan Nordstrom (similar here and love this one) / Watch / Necklace ShopRiffRaff, TAudrey / Jeans / Boots c/o DSW / Sunglasses, my husbands (here) / Rings C.Wonder, David Yurman::

In between lunching and running errands, we snapped these photos. I am loving these ankle booties from DSW. I've been looking for a casual pair of booties that are cut low and these really fit the bill. I've been on the hunt for a pair for a while and low and behold, DSW came through for me again just as usual. Right now through the end of the month is the perfect time to score some fabulous boots or booties at awesome prices! Make sure to check out their selection before it's too late!

Compensation was provided by DSW via Mode Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of DSW. DSW is the destination for savvy Shoe Lovers everywhere. Customers experience a breathtaking assortment of designer brands at irresistible prices everyday.

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